We cater to Top 1000, Medium and SMEs. We have the right solutions regardless of your business size and industry. See how our services help our Clients in a variety of industry verticals!

Fashion/ Clothing/ Boutique:

How do Robinsons Malls bring in more customers during Weekend Sales? SMS! MarketlinkPH powers the drawing in of crowds to Robinsons Forum, Robinsons Galleria and Robinsons Metro East.

Top eyewear brands company Branded Lifestyle Inc. uses BRANDED SMS in its line of business of internationally-recognized brands. Subscribed to one of our monthly plans, BLi always has access to the system year-round!

MarketlinkPH provides Anthem Shoppes (Powerplant Mall (Rockwell, Greenbellt 5, Mall of Asia and more) with SMS service to enhance it customer loyalty through custom invitations and announcements. Using BRANDED-SMS strengthens its branding and makes the message more appealing and satisfying to its valued clients. Original Penguin also uses MarketlinkPH BRANDED-SMS.

Elite customers of Thomas Sabo are kept informed of collections available through BRANDED-SMS. Sending out SMS with Thomas Sabo as sender enhances brand recognition, brand prestige and positive customer reception. Your company and brand deserve no less too.

Valued customers of Perry Ellis never miss out on new arrivals and events. Announcements via BRANDED SMS keeps them informed with no less than "PERRY ELLIS" as SenderID - a reassurance of brand prestige and official source of the announcement.

BRANDED SMS is the preferred Mobile Service provider of FReSH Fragrance Bar - the Perfume Store for Perfume Addicts. A great choice for chain that knows the value of branding!

FReSH Fragrance Bar carries the world's most recognized perfume brands : Adidas • Anna Sui • Azzaro • Bath & Body Works • Beverly Hills 90210 • Burberry • Bvlgari • Calvin Klein • Charlie • Chloe • Clinique • Davidoff • Diesel • DKNY • Dolce & Gabbana • Dunhill • Elizabeth Arden • Escada • Estée Lauder • Gap • Giorgio Armani • Givenchy • Gucci • Guerlain • Guess • Guy Laroche • Hugo Boss • Issey Miyake • J. Del Pozo • Jean Paul Gaultier • Jessica McClintock • Jennifer Aniston • Jimmy Choo • Kenneth Cole • Kenzo • Lacoste • Lalique • Lanvin • Marc Jacobs • Paris Hilton • Penguin • Perry Ellis • Porsche Design • Puma • Ralph Lauren • Salvatore Ferragamo • Swiss Army • Swarovski • Thierry Mugler • Tous • Tommy Hilfiger • United Colors of Benetton • Vera Wang • Versace • Victoria's Secret

Banking & Finance:

MarketlinkPH plays a vital role in growing the base of Insurance Companies like Paramount and Sony Life.


For Chinatrust to keep its lead in offering all-purpose, no-collateral personal loans, the solution is simple: email campaign using targetted email databases.

MarketlinkPH promotes other Banks and financial institutions and their affiliated agencies through SMS, web and email to open new fronts not reached by traditional methods. [Identity witheld upon request]

Real Estate:

Marketlink offers Class A, Class B and Class C leads - matching every Real Estate market segment. Flyering in malls no longer work - the costs for permits, people, brochures literally go to waste (bin!).

When AyalaLand Premier needs a Class A database they ask for our help. Our Class A database is ideal for big ticket and luxury items.

Megaworld uses our mobile and email databases to reach real prospects that meet the profile matching their projects. Cold calling is now a thing of the past.


Shang Properties use MarketlinkPH databases and BRANDED-SMS to promote One Shangri-La Place - a premier development in the middle of bustling Ortigas Center.

Robinsons Land Marketers use MarketlinkPH databases and BRANDED-SMS too. When you use BRANDED-SMS, you make your prospective customers feel secure knowing that they are being contacted by a legitimate source.

VistaLand and Lifescapes wide varierty of projects offer much opportunity to market to multiple segments.

Marketlink offers exactly what they needs - Class AAA, Class A, Class B/C

Travel / Hospitality:

MarketlinkPH manages the email marketing of Eagle Point Resort (Anilao, Batangas) . We offer a full range of services from mailing list maintenance and hosting, to HTML email formatting and high speed bulk email blasting, to response tracking and database augmentation. Getting on board our programs frees you from the technical aspects of Internet Marketing so you can focus on customer engagement.

What better way for Bonifacio Global City's Best Western Premier F1 Hotel caters to strengthen its brand equity than to use MarketlinkPH targetted database!

ACCOR Hotel Group (which includes the Sofitel brand) counts on MarketlinkPH to zoom in on its target audience.

Mobile Marketing using our profiled databases eliminates wasting time and resources in "shot gun" approaches of the past.

Club Hotel® is a global network of four and five-star hotels that provides common benefits and recognition to a worldwide membership base. Under special arrangement, MarketlinkPH provides databases with a "No Overlap" guarantee thus ensuring that our databases truly add-on to their existing consumer base.

G2 Global uses MarketlinkPH e-mail and mobile databases to complement its more traditional marketing. As the market evolves, it pays to transition to new media and we have the resources to get you there ... just as we do for G2 to help its brands Canyon Ranch, Canyon Woods and Canyon Cove reach a new audience and widen their customer base.

Sasuman's Travel & Tours reaches prospects far beyond its suburban location using email campaigns. Instead of simply sending out emails to just about any emai address, Sasuman's Travel & Tours uses our focus database of prospective travelers to target exactly who they need to reach. Quality is better than quantity! We have a variety of databases for targeting - and it works for any size of business!

Food & Beverage:

First opened in Paris, France in 1996, Buddha Bar is as a world class bar, lounge and restaurant chain located in major cities such as Paris, Washington, Dubai, Monte Carlo, Keiv and now in Manila at Picar Place Kalayaan Avenue, Makati City. Buddha Bar Manila counts on MarketlinkPH to reach targeted guests.

Since 1983, Hen Lin has been serving some of the country's best siomai, siopao, and mami. Its name has become synonymous to Chinese cuisine at affordable prices, with the convenience of fast food. Hen Lin uses MarketlinkPH Branded SMS and marketing databases.

Announcing Company events is now a simple process for Pepsi Cola! Sending out a text blast is easy with BRANDED-SMS. Taking only 20 minutes to learn, it is surely a must-have for the HR Department. MarketlinkPH products and databases go beyond server the needs of Sales and Marketing Departments.

Customers get the purest water from startup Vesi Vann and its flagship brand Water Boy. Having invested in the most advanced, automated water system in the Philippines, they knwo the next best investment: MarketlinkPH targetted announcement in their primary area. Our services are helpful to companies that have existing brands or developing new brands!

Redjuice, the famous health drink with over 30 natural ingredients has been our client for SMS since 2008. MarketlinkPH provides 24 x 7 SMS autoresponders for keyword REDJUICE sent to our gateways. Redjuice is featured in various radio programs and television shows including Rated K and in all newspapers. Great for promoting overall wellness - truly one of the greatest products to come from the Philippines and now available worldwide.


Past Events:

After the successful staging of America in 3D in Manila, Baguio and Cebu City to showcase American culture, values, and services in the Philippines, next stop for the roadshow was Western Visayas. What better way for the US Embassy to send invites than via BRANDED-SMS of MarketlinkPH. MarketlinkPH can provide provincial-level databases to help localize your the blast.
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'The promotion went well"! When Oak3 Films (Singapore) needed to launch Terrorville in the Philippines, the choice was clear: MarketlinkPH database and BRANDED-SMS. Oak3 Films Pte Ltd is a leading content creation company in Asia since 1996 that has produced and co-produced for the international market, and put together many successful financing for numerous film and television projects. http://oak3films.com http://www.terrorville.tv/sms
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MarketlinkPH provides the robust, reliable platform for Run Rio to communicate event details to its partners and participants. Our web-based "Access Anywhere" BRANDED-SMS bulk messaging system provides a perfect match for the highly mobile, savvy team of RUNRIO.
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MarketlinkPH is the choice for sending out invites to the media via BRANDED-SMS for the CICT launching of its Creative Content Development Unboxed Event (SM Megamall Cinema) showcasing Pinoy Talent in Game Development and Animation. Text blast for the launch of Tuldok Animation's animated film PASINTABI was also done through BRANDED-SMS service of MarketlinkPH.
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New media is certainly a new frontier that top brand Nissan would not let pass! Nissan does not rely solely on traditional media to showcase and bring its superb lineup to its prospective customers A reliable database is key to success ... and no other database provider can match the quality-guaranteed marketing databases of MarketlinkPH.



MarketlinkPH provides select HMOs with online sales leads support to complement its existing leads streams.

Our services enable customers to focus on their primary business as we help them generate revenue from non-traditional sources. There is no need to reinvent the wheel for Internet and Mobile Marketing - you get the net rewards by engaging MarketlinkPH.

Our Customers are as creative and dynamic as we are! With presence in Mall Of Asia, Glorietta and St. Lukes, MLS Santos Dental Cosmetics is not only where its target market is, it actively brings in customers too by way of Mobile Marketing! MarketlinkPH provides cleansed Class A database, perfectly complemented by BRANDED-SMS. As web-based system, there is nothing to install. It runs on PCs, iPads and Android machines.

Technology (Telecommunications, Infotech)

Titan Business Solutions taps MarketlinkPH for sales leads generation via managed email promotion campaign for ATLAS+ Trip Recorder

ATLAS+ offers companies a way of recording information about trips made by field personnel (e.g. drivers, sales people) that is then drawn on a map to detail the recorded trip (location, route, time, how long stoppped, total distance travelled). Read more

Bayan Telecommunications taps MarketlinkPH for sales leads generation.

All our customers have an in-house Sales & Marketing staff but tap MarketlinkPH to complement them because they can only reach markets within their sphere of influence. We give means to reach other targets that are not linked to existing channels thereby opening up new opportunities.

BPO/Call Center giant Teleperformance uses MarketlinkPH databases to reach a pool of talented individuals who can join and build a rewarding carreer with them. This is yet another illustration of how our products and services can meet Corporate needs even beyond that of Sales and Marketing Departments.

Challenge Systems is the Channel Partner of Autodesk and is one of fastest growing Systems Integrator and IT distributor in the country. Challenge uses BRANDED-SMS to keep in touch with Contacts for announcements and events. BRANDED-SMS let you leverage your investment in brand equity and product recognition.

Websites, Online Business

MarketlinkPH email databases are perfect for building web traffic and clientele. See how our customers have given their sites a boost using them.

Sterling Paper carries some of the most recognized brands in school and office supplies and chain of stores - an obvious advantage in e-commerce. Its push into the online world is powered by no less than by the industry's top source of email databases ... MarketlinkPH! No second guessing with our quality-guaranteed databases.

Job1 Global is a portal service and network where buyers, suppliers, customers, jobseekers and employers can find one another in a more efficient and effective manner. Their launch is fueled by multiple MarketlinkPH databases.


MaxSaver hits multiple target markets through custom order for a combination of databases.

Education/ Training:

Our Singapore-based Traning firm Client needs only one ingredient to regulary hold successful highly specialized IT courses in the Philippines: MarketlinkPH. Together with our affiliates, we provide the necessary support to make it all come together. Our databases created the vital link to the Philippine Market - just as our motto says!

Business Equipment/Machines:

Honeywell name is synonymous with safety vaults and fire proof safes. The country distributor The Red Envelope uses our Corporate Databases to reach businesses.


Please contact us for your specific requirements and for latest offers.


MarketlinkPH is the top source of Mobile and Email Marketing databases with unparalleled level of accuracy. All database are covered by Quality Guarantee and aremaintained using Industrial-grade Data Cleansing Service.


NOTE: “CLASS” refers to SOCIO ECONOMIC CLASS, not to the quality/accuracy of the Database.

Database is comprised of individuals who are subscribed with a Post Paid Plan with either Globe, Smart or Sun, primarily located in NCR. Implied Socio Economic Class A due to level of usage.
DATA FORMAT XLS: Mobile Number, Full Name
PRICE P 2.50 per record. Min. Purchase: 2,000 records. Total: 80,000+ records
P 3.00 per record. Min. Purchase: 2,000 records. Total: 20,000+ records

Database is comprised of individuals with Job Title of Manager. Primarily located in NCR.
DATA FORMAT XLS: Mobile Number, Full Name, Company
PRICE P 3.00 per record. Min. Purchase: 2,000 records. Total 10,000+ records

Database is comprised of individuals who are subscribed to post-paid wireless broadband internet service in NCR, likely Socio Economic Class B/upper C as post-paid subscriptions require supporting documents. Age 18+. Computer skills and Internet savvy can be associated with this class.
DATA FORMAT XLS: Mobile Number, Full Name, Email address
PRICE P 2.50 per record. Min. Purchase: 2,000 records. Total 8,000+ records
DATA FORMAT XLS: Mobile Number, Full Name
PRICE P 2.00 per record. Min. Purchase: 2,000 records. Total 12,000+ records


Database is comprised of individuals who are credit card holders in NCR, likely Socio Economic Class B/ C due to requirements needed to have a credit card like proof of address, age over 18, at least 18-months employment
DATA FORMAT XLS: Mobile Number, Full Name
PRICE P 2.00 per record. Min. Purchase: 2,000 records. Total 20,000+ records


Database is comprised of active numbers based in specified Region.
DATA FORMAT XLS: Mobile Number only
PRICE P 1.50 per record. Min. Purchase: 2,000 records. Total 20,000+ /Region

Database is comprised of active mobile numbers. Nationwide. General purpose.
DATA FORMAT XLS: Mobile Number only
PRICE P 0.50 per record. Min. Purchase: 5,000 records. Total 300,000+ More if needed
P 1.00 per record. Min. Purchase: 2,000 records.

We highly recommend BRANDED SMS for marketing to this segment to assure of them of legitimacy of the origin of the message/our offer. Read More


Database is comprised of local company-use email addresses in the format user@company.com or @company.com.ph or company@(webmail).com
DATA FORMAT XLS: Email address only
PRICE P 2.50 per record. Min. Purchase: 2,000 records. Total: 20,000+ records


Database is comprised of HR Practitioners of large corporations. Ideal for offering products or services like training, supplies, systems. Also recommended as initial point of contact to reach other Departments.
DATA FORMAT XLS: Email address, Full Name, Position, Company, Address, Office Phone
PRICE P 20.00 per record. Min. Purchase: 500 records. Total: 1,000+ records

Database is comprised of individuals who are subscribed to post-paid wireless broadband internet service in NCR, likely Socio Economic Class B/upper C as post-paid subscriptions require supporting documents. Age 18+. Computer skills and Internet savvy can be associated with this class.
DATA FORMAT XLS: Email address, Full Name, Mobile Number
PRICE P 2.50 per record. Min. Purchase: 2,000 records. Total 8,000+ records
DATA FORMAT XLS: Email address, Full Name
PRICE P 2.00 per record. Min. Purchase: 2,000 records. Total 25,000+ records


Database is comprised of individuals who are credit card holders, likely Socio Economic Class B/ C due to requirements needed to have a credit card like proof of address, age over 18, at least 18-months employment
DATA FORMAT XLS: Email address only
PRICE P 2.00 per record. Min. Purchase: 2,000 records. Total 40,000+ records

Database is comprised of individuals who are prospective online shopper by way of interest in group buy or online shopping or similar sites. High-growth database.
DATA FORMAT XLS: Email address only
PRICE P 2.00 per record. Min. Purchase: 2,000 records. Total 60,000+ records


Database is comprised of individuals who are prospective travelers to domestic and overseas vacation destinations. Likely Socio Economic Class B.
DATA FORMAT XLS: Email address only
PRICE P 2.00 per record. Min. Purchase: 2,000 records. Total 40,000+ records

Database is comprised of mixed email addresses including web-based accounts like Yahoo, Gmail. Used by Filipinos individuals.
DATA FORMAT XLS: Email address only
PRICE P 0.50 per record. Min. Purchase: 5,000 records. Total 500,000+ records


Let us know if you have a specific requirement so we can check if we have a near match among our unpublished databases. We also do custom database builds. For commercially-released databases, data is cleansed upon ordering or recently cleansed via industrial-grade Data Cleansing Service.



For those who need direct mail, we also offer leads for various segments:

- Doctors
- Owners and General Managers of Major Hotels, Resorts, and Sports and Recreation Facilities in the Philippines
- Owners and General Managers of Travel Agencies in Metro Manila
- Chinese Businessmen in Manila, Quezon City
- Exclusive villages of Makati, Ayala Alabang, New Manila (includes Rolling Hills Subdivision), Quezon City (includes Damar Village, Grace Village, Sta. Mesa Heights, Scout Area, West Triangle, and Philam Homes), Valle Verde Subdivisions (Phases 1 to 6, includes Green Meadows Subdivision), Wack Wack Village (includes Horseshoe Village and other parts of Mandaluyong), White Plains Subdivision (includes Blue Ridge A and B, and Saint Ignatius Village), Xavierville Subdivision (includes Ayala Heights Village, La Vista Subdivision, and Monte Vista)
- Western and Asian (Korean, Japanese, Singaporean and other Asian) Expatriates in Metro Manila
- more
RECORD DETAILS: Full Name, Physical Mailing Address
PRICE PHP 10.00 per record, minimum 1,000. Total 50,000+



Business/Corporate Contacts databases are now available for Australia, Singapore, China (Hong Kong) and Indonesia. Reference pricing is USD 0.10 per record containing Industry, Full Name, Position, Company, email address, number.

We have 100,000 for Australia, 30,000 for Singapore, 5,000 for Hong Kong and 1,000 for Indonesia. Ideal for those who have products to export or services that can be rendered remotely via Internet.

Latest addition: Vietnam Business Contacts 5,000; Vietnam General Email database 15,000 email addresses.



Having invested in building your brands, we can distinguish your SMS message from those just blasting away with just about any SIM through our BRANDED SMS service http://www.marketlinkph.com/html/mlink_brandedsms.htm or http://www.branded-sms.com. Features:

• Customized Sender ID – As demonstrated, we have capability to send SMS with customized Sender ID like “UNILEVER” or any alphanumeric, maximum 11 characters

• True bulk capability – System speed is 1 million in 5 hours. This is made possible because our Telco routing to Globe Sun Smart is direct wired not via wireless.

• No hardware or software to purchase* – With minimum purchase of 100,000 credits, you get system access through web-based interface - accessible to you via the Internet 24 x 7. There is thus no hardware/software investment on your part …nothing to install on any of your computers.

• Ready to use now – BRANDED SMS is a mature system


Other Features: Live tracking of Credit, Downloadable Reports (Reports on Demand), identification of numbers with Delivery Failures (useful for purging your database of obsolete numbers), Personalization of messages (analogous to Mail Merge feature of Microsoft Word). System accepts bulk upload of mobile numbers in the form of XLS.

This is a pre-paid service. Credit is purchased from us based on the guiding rate. Each SMS costs 1 credit. Our standard validity is 3 months.

We accept payments over the counter, direct bank deposit to local banks or US$ PayPal (with 12% surcharge and internal conversion rate of 43:1 subject to change)

BRANDED SMS is Telco to Telco - not consumer to Telco. We are thus able to achieve throughput of 1,000,000 messages in 5 hours - we can complete 5,000,000 in 24 to 28 hours. We charge P 1.50 per message for volume of 20,000 to 150,000 messages.



We are the only Company that offers true GSM-based Proximity Marketing System (more about Proximity Marketing at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Proximity_marketing )

Our PROXIMA SMS system detects all mobile devices within up to 2-kilometer radius and automatically queue for blasting. While other SMS blasting systems depend on databases that need to be purchased, PROXIMA SMS does the scan LIVE! Contract Price is dependent on number of instances, how many messages will be sent per instance and location of the target one.

Initially offered in 2010 at P 208,000.00 for single blast to 25,000 recipients, we are now able to offer PROXIMA SMS at a lower price because of the strategic change from multi-tier to single-tier and cost efficiencies. Promotional Price for one-time SMS blast to 25,000 recipients with Makati CBD or Ortigas CBD as epicentre is now just P 88,600.00.

PROXIMA SMS webpage is at http://www.proxima-sms.com or http://www.marketlinkph.com/html/mlink_proximasms.htm.



How can our database grow so big? We organically grow our database through tie ups/partnerships with promo providers, aggregators, sellers and media. We also have Internet bots, miners running 24 x 7. We have affiliate websites and networking sites. We have international telco gateway tie ups. Simply put, we know our stuff - that's why we are featured in the ADEDGE magazine! Unlike others, WE DO NOT MIX our Clients databases. Why not benefit from our expertise? Contact Us now!.



We have Special Sevices for Overseas entities or New Entrants to the Philippines

Specialized Research

If you are planning to Partner with Natural or Juridical Persons, we can supplement your own due diligence by running checks and conducting supplementary research for you.

Setup of 100% Foreign Owned Corporations, Immigration

Domestic Corporations are required to be 60% Filipino owned but Corporations can be 100% Foreign owned in select industries. Your company may even qualify for a 5-Year Tax Holiday. As your Consultant, we can help you understand and explore these opportunities. We can also guide and help in processing the visas for you and your core staff who will be based in the Philippines. All our processes are legal and above board.

Trade Representation

Explore prospects for your Product or Service in the Philippine market in a low-risk and cost-effective manner. Setting up a Representative Office requires $200,000 inward remittance and filing and fees with multiple Government agencies. We recommend instead that you explore oportunities through a Trade/ Tradeshow Representation Agreement with us before commiting huge resources of your Company. We provide the facilities, staff, management to meet your requirements.

Business Concierge Services

If you are an established Company in your home country outside the Philippines and looking to grow your business here we can help you. We can arrange meetings with key Management and Business Personnel of companies matching your target client profile.

We render this service through our Philippine-based office enabling us to provide convenient local numbers for target companies to call back. We handle the back-and-forth negotiation for the most convenient time for both parties.

We cover all industrial and commercial sectors, as well as Social, Civic and Non-Profit. We can set appointments with select agencies at select levels of Government.

• Financial Institutions
• Food and Beverage, FMCG
• Wholesalers, Retailers, Distributors
• Pharmaceuticals
• Engineering and Construction, Development
• Hotel, Leisure, Resort, Travel
• Power Generation
• Manufacturing
• Mining
• Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), IT, Telecom
• Transportation
• Textiles, Apparels
• Advertising, Promotions, Events

You save time as we provide you with a detailed itinerary for your visit. You are free to confirm appointments directly even prior to departure from your home country. We can book a car to pick you up from airport, ready your hotel and ground transport throughout your stay. You may opt to book Third Party services directly online and we can be your convenient single point of contact.

This is the fastest, easiest, most convenient way to get your business off the ground and launch new products and services in the Philippines. We can help you regardless of your business size, whether small, medium or large Corporate entitiy.

You will be free to transact and seal agreements directly with the Companies we line up for you. We can assist you with legal documentation if you need such services.